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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
No, not any ordinary loose backgrounds. I want cels with matching backgrounds from any of the series I collect--I don't care who the character is, or what the scene looks like. Very High
Cardcaptor Sakura
Touya being kind and brotherly to Sakura--carrying her or something. Very High
Kero trying to act like a stuffed animal--would prefer a shot that shows his face. FOUND!!!! High
Touya. Not into the Touya/Yukito thing, so I'm not really interested in cels of them together. High
Any cute cels from this series. Medium
A cel from this sequence. I'd especially like the end cel, but anything showing the dimple in his cheek will be great, too. Yes, I know it's weird. Will Give Kidney
I don't know if I'll ever be able to afford this cel, but if you're looking to sell/trade, let me know. Will Give Kidney
Another cel from that scene. Anything from this sequence will suffice, but I'd love one where you can just make out his eyes. Very High
Any cel from the scene shown in the two screncaps above. Very High
Any Dilandau cel. Very High
Dragonslayers--any of them. Very High
I love comparing the looks of the boys here--if you've seen the series, you know why. Very High
I love his expression here. Very High
Just one from this sequence. Very High
Practically any cel/set-up to match my loose layouts and/or douga I have from this series. Very High
Something from the scene where the sorcerors take Dilandau away--this is the point that filled my heart with pity. Very High
Hitomi's reaction to Dilandau's wound. I won this on ebay, but the seller had already sold it. :( So the image is of that particular cel. High
One of Folken. High
One of Van. High
Winged cels. (Like I can afford these!!) High
Any cel of Dryden. Medium
Any cel of Merle. I really do like her, but she's just so darn rare and expensive. Same goes for Dryden. Medium
Celena. Another one of those really expensive ones. I've only seen three cels of her for sale, and the cheapest was $500. Medium
Hitomi in all of her different clothes. By different clothes, I'm also including when she takes off her uniform jacket. Medium
Odd side characters. You know, the Crusade crew, the moleman, Millerna's family, etc. Medium
Guymelefs. Actually, if you have one to sell, contact me and I'll scoop it up--I'm just not actively searching. Low
Prince Niari. He was my favorite character--then I found out he was voiced by the guy who plays Urahara. *_* Very High
Good cels of any characters with names. Medium
Momo--the giant, plant-like pet. >.< Another weird wish. Medium
Sesshomaru. Waiting for prices to calm down before I even consider it. Medium
Any main character. For this series, I'm really not interested in purchasing until prices go down. Low
Jaken with top of three-headed staff showing. Low
Miroku with top of staff showing. Low
Rin and Jakken interacting. Low
Rin. Low
Shippo with feet and tail showing. Low
Marmalade Boy
Miki with her short hair. FOUND!!!! High
I'd like at least one cel of all the characters who appear in the manga as well--not really interested in the others at this time. Medium
Arimi--I just don't like her look in the anime, so I'd rather have cels of the other characters first. Low
Ranma 1/2
Ryoga!!! Would really prefer it to be of him smiling or a nice fighting pose. I want to pay YJ prices, not ebay prices. >_< Will Give Kidney
Any cel from the sequence of Ranma-chan that I'm collecting. Check out my Ranma 1/2 page for details. It's the flying Ranma ones. Very High
Kuno holding the doll he wants to give to "the pig-tailed girl." High
Panda Genma holding sign with writing. High
P-chan--with or without Akane. Other cursed forms would be nice, but P-chan has priority. High
Any character that has a name. So I'd like side characters, but not just random background people. Medium
Colonge on her stick--preferably with original matching background. Medium
Shampoo. I'm not much of a fan, so I'd much rather get a cheap cel of a minor character than an expensive cel of her. Low
The scene in the last episode of TRY when Xellos holds Lina so she can combine her Dragon Slave with the light bow. Very High
Xellos!! I want both a cel of him with his eyes closed, and one with his eyes open--various expressions would be great. Very High
Any main characters (including semi-main characters such as Filia and Syliphia) High
Filia's reaction to Gourry looking up her dress. ^_^ I need one to match my Lina reaction. High
Gourry looking up Filia's dress--TRY first episode. High
Jiras--I just like the little guy!! BTW, he's the one-eyed fox from the TRY season. High
Any cel from the scene where Gourry looks up Filia's dress--reactions, etc. Medium

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