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Kouzuki Miyu doesn't seem to have any luck. At the exact same time, both of her parents receive the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to follow their dreams and work for NASA--her mother as an astronaut, her father as a rocket scientist. They move to America and leave her with a good family friend, Mr. Saionji. Little does she know that Saionji is actually a Buddhist priest living in a temple with his son who is Miyu's age, Saionji Kanata. Soon after arriving, Saionji gets word that he has been given permission to persue his own on-in-a-liftime opportunity--a training trip to India! So, Miyu and Kanata are left alone. That is, until a small spaceship flys through the door. Out of the spaceship floats a flying baby--Ruu! Then, Wanya, Ruu's sitter-pet, appears from the charm on Ruu's bib, explaining the situation. Ruu and Wanya come from the planet Otto, which is hundreds of light years away, and the navigation system on their spaceship is broken! Finally, all agree to live in the Saionji house for the time being. Thus, Miyu and Kanata become Ruu's surogate "Mama" and "Papa," and the crazy shenanigans begin!

This "family" section will include all cels that contain the main characters exclusively (including group cels)--Miyu, Kanata, Ruu, and Wanya.

 Baby Appears!

 Meet at the River



 I See . . .

 Sweet Child

 Don't Cry!


 Puppy Dog Eyes

 Got Crabs?


 Weird Meat
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