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I admired cels from this series in other people's galleries for quite some time, but I never had enough interest to buy my own. Then, I won a lot of cels off Ebay, and these were in it. So, I scoured around, looking for the anime. It did not really bode well that I picked up a region one copy for under thirty bucks. But, I am actually enjoying it.

If you can get past the first couple of discs, you will find that it gets a lot more interesting. It picks up about the time that the main character gets more than one line per episode. XD Confusing as the beginning is, it really has a lot in common with our current international problem. I actually felt a little uneasy while watching that and thinking about the things that have happened in the last five years or so.

 Death Watch

 Crying for the Dead

Curator: klet
Gallery Created: 5/23/2005
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Presentation 8.77/10   Collection 9.19/10   Overall 8.93/10   Votes 45 votes
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