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Misfit Sale Page
- If I ever have any cels or anime stuff for sale, this is where it will be before it hits Ebay. If I have prices on my cels, this is where they will be. Otherwise, if you want something, you'll have to send me an actual offer in cels or money. I usually don't "have prices in mind" unless the stuff is on my sales page.

Daa! Daa! Daa! Galleries - Daa! Daa! Daa! isn't a series that many people collect. I love it. It's goofy, cute, and funny. Plus the Japanese is easy enough for me to understand. So, here are the galleries with some DDD in their collections. If you happen to have some, email me your gallery link and I'll add you!

Acute Zone - An adorable opening cel of Ruu!!!
Alex's Diminutive Cel Gallery - Cute little Wanya!
Bunny on the Moon Cels - Cute gallery run by Galexia. Love the photo motif!
Eternal Love - Lovely gallery run by Usamomo with some nice DDD pieces.
Grico Anime - Gallery run by Grico. Great guy to deal with. ^_^
Jem Gallery - Gallery run by Deco. I'm seriously jealous of that birthday cel! ^_~
Jenny & Katie's Cels - Some very nice shots in this gallery. I'm not sure who they belong to, though . . . My fav is the one of Kanata in monk clothing.
John's Cel Gallery - Only two cels, but both are really cute. Love the expressions.
Lince & Shango - Really nice collection, really nice collectors. ^_^
Serendipity Cels - Lovely gallery run by Jelenity. Love that Cindermiyu cel!
Sparkly-Eyed Dreamer - Gallery run by SaftyGirl. Some really great full set-ups!
SYAN - Love, love, love her "happy" Chris-chan cels.

Personal Pages - Some of my other pages out there on the net.

My Facebook Profile - Probably only viewable if you have an account and are logged in. If you add me as a friend, please let me know via gallery feedback here on rubberslug so I know who you are! ^_^
Verbosity - My LJ. I go through spurts of updating this. Feel free to friend me!

Weird Stuff - Completely not anime-related . . . Just random stuff I find here and there.

My Observatory - They're watching me . . .
My Mountain - . . . or maybe not.

Anime - Just a bunch of anime-related sites I've come across.

Animated Anime Gifs Paranoia - Don't let the title fool you--they've also got game gifs. Perfect for forums, etc. ^_~
Escaflowne Compendium - If you're an Esca fan chances are you already know about this site, but I'm putting it up for good measure. One day I will own all of the products listed on this site. XD

Favorite Galleries - Galleries I like to drool over, run by absolutely awesome people!!!

Aernath's Heartthrobs - One of the pervy-est gals you'll ever meet, with a wide selection of bish tush and the biggest collection of Bleach fan art I've seen!
Gecko Blue - Very beautiful cels and some awesome Touyas from CCS!
Gomakasu - Gorgeous gallery run by zerospace and yoshito. Z wrote the code for the entire site, and has it available for others who want to start their own galleries. ^_^
moko-moko.net - Beautiful site run by my One Piece pal, Bulleta! Very sweet gal, and lovely collection. ^_^
Shellie's Gallery - You want mech?! Oh, she's got mech! ^_^
Zag's Cels of Junk She Likes - Cel id extrodinaire! Honestly, just take a look at what she has and you can probably guess which series those freebies are from! She also adopts freebies.

Favorite Esca Galleries - Some of the best Esca on the net!

LIZZARD.NET - Sadly, in the last few years, Lizzard took down her gallery and then proceeded to sell the majority of her collection. I was sad in that her beloved gallery was gone (it was truely one of my inspirations at the start of my cel collecting career) but happy that I was allowed to adopt some of her pretties. Her site is definitely still worth a gander, as it has a lot of Esca info. up.
Morgan's Gallery - The largest collection of Folken cels I've seen. Plus, she's a really sweet gal. ;) In the last year or two, she has combined her two galleries, so you will find other high-quality artwork here as well.


Curator: klet
Gallery Created: 5/23/2005
Hits: 43527

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